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Nutritional Information

I hate the word diet. Have you noticed that as soon as the word diet is brought up most people feel and think failure? No, let’s not use that word. Lets call it a way of life. We eat, train and live depending of what kind of lifestyle we choose and we are lucky enough (barring medical issues) to be able to make those choices ourselves. 🙂

Me, I love the way my eating dictates my energy level and also the way I look. I know everybody is probably really tired of hearing “we are what we eat” but if you think about it it makes sense. We all know that when a woman is pregnant she needs to eat healthy to give her baby all the nutrients needed for proper development, right? So why would we treat ourselves so much worse?

I wish all people, especially most women, understood how much power they have when it comes to the way they look. I hate seeing some of my clients turn away from the mirror while they lift because they don’t want to watch themselves. NO!!!! Life is too short. It doesn’t matter if you want to compete, do a triathlon, just look good or just be able to play with your kids. It’s controllable; if we want to we can all do it, I promise.

When it comes to eating right the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. As long as you are in denial about your eating habits nothing will work.

Unfortunately, not all of us were born with high metabolism allowing us to eat whatever we want and at the same time look the way we want. Honestly, only a s mall minority of us are so blessed. The rest, myself included, have to work hard at it BUT it can be done. Not in five days, and not in five weeks. Believe in yourself, change your lifestyle and stop trying to diet. Make it part of who you are.

First look at your daily food intake and your goal; do they match?

If not, don’t try to change everything overnight. Think baby steps!

Look at your diet again and be smart (and honest). Make a plan. What one or two things can you take out and exchange for something better for the first two weeks to make a change toward a healthier lifestyle? In two weeks…do the same thing again.

Nobody will reach their goals in a week or a month. Give it time. Most important of all, stay positive and persistent.

Easy changes to make:

*Plan your food. The more you eat on “impulse” the harder it is to choose something healthy. Think about what you will do over the next three hours. Will the calories have time to be burned off before bed?

*Substitute light and sugar free products instead of regular. Low calorie or calorie-reduced doesn’t automatically mean healthy.

*Cut out sugary juices and soda. Drink A LOT of WATER.

*Eat a balanced diet and put vegetables in every meal to fill you up.

*Stay with lean meat.

*Stay with complex carbs (like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and brown rice) that help you last longer.

*If you have a sweat tooth (most people do) try to add berries to your diet instead of candy.

*Make sure to “treat” yourself once in a while, remember to enjoy life.

This is not a five week or monthly solution, this is a way of life. Your way of eating needs to be personalized and therefore changed every so often. Makes sense right? Since your body will start changing so will it’s demands and needs.

Remember: We eat, train and live depending of what kind of lifestyle we choose and we are lucky enough (if there is no medical problem) to be able to make those choices ourselves 🙂