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2007 Sunshine Classic

Check out Fittron.com professional Jennifer Bishop winning the 2007 Sunshine Classic.



One Month Diet Meal Plan

Meal Plan

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Fittron Featured Professional- Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop


Jennifer Bishop is from a small town in Mississippi. A southern girl with big dreams, Jennifer displayed a penchant for ambition and success from a young age. She began by entering, and winning, several beauty pageants near her home in Mississippi. Focused on expanding her horizons and cultivating new opportunities, Jennifer moved from Mississippi to Jupiter, FL and her life began to change.


Jennifer first took a job in the mortgage industry but soon realized that processing loan payments was not her calling. On a whim she applied for a position at a gym in Jupiter and quickly realized her passion: health and fitness. Jennifer began as an aerobics and spin instructor and quickly moved into full time personal training. Her sunny disposition, knowledgeable insight, and encouraging words made her a star at her facility in Jupiter and Jennifer soon began garnering lots of attention; from both clients and fitness competitors.

Jennifer was encouraged to compete in figure competitions throughout Florida. She clearly had the looks and had developed the passion to be successful in the figure world. In November of 2003 she entered the Gold Cup classic and placed in the top 3; quite a feat for her first fitness show.


Jennifer placed in a number of other fitness shows and soon began to catch the eye of several fitness industry insiders. She has appeared in numerous magazines, is working on a fitness video, and is focused on obtaining her Pro Card.

A devoted mother, Jennifer raises a young daughter who is the love of her life. Able to balance both her professional and personal life, Jennifer is a busy girl. She is in high demand in Jupiter, but you should contact her and see if this fitness superstar has availability to help you get fit. She offers online training packages, nutritional support, and personal training.

Jennifer is not your ordinary fitness professional. She is a burgeoning star on the verge of her pro card and fitness celebrity. Look for her in videos and winning fitness competitions throughout the country; and look for her on Fittron.

Jennifer is another example of the type of professional you can find on our site. If you don’t know who Jennifer Bishop is, you will soon. Come take advantage of working with this up and coming fitness star. You won’t regret it.