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Gina Aliotti DVD Trailer

Watch this trailer for a great preview of Gina’s new workout DVD. Get in shape with the help of the number one female fitness competitor in the country.

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Fittron Featured Professional- Gina Aliotti

Gina Aliotti

Born in California, Gina Aliotti immersed herself in athletics from a young age. She competed in dance, jazz/hip hop, gymnastics, and field hockey while growing up. Living with a health conscious family, Gina quickly learned the importance of physical health and well being. Her father is a competitive bodybuilder and her home environment was conducive to a life immersed in fitness. Her father would train her with weights in the early mornings before school. Sprouting this environment came Gina Aliotti, a fitness professional that you need to know.

It didn’t take long for Gina to begin competing in fitness shows. In June 2004 she competed in the WBFA and won first place in the teenage division, a truly remarkable feat for a first time competitor. The fitness world realized they had a new star in their midst as Gina began competing throughout the country. Gina won the Tournament of Champions and the West Palm Beach Pro Show. At such a young age, these accomplishments are unheard of. She has her pro card is currently ranked 2nd in the entire world. Not just nationally, internationally.

Recognizing her prowess in the field of fitness, the NPC made Gina the Southern California judge for all of the NPC shows. Those of you prepping for a competition should contact Gina. She not only has the credentials of winning fitness contests, she also provides the insight of a judge who sits on the other side of the table. Rarely will you find a professional of her caliber.

An educated woman, Gina holds a degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State. She uses her knowledge from the classroom to help her clients reach their goals as a personal trainer. Currently residing in San Diego, Gina offers her services as a personal trainer to the surrounding community. She is focused on helping others meet their goals and has advertised on Fittron to reach you.

Maybe you don’t live in San Diego? That’s fine. Gina is available to design online and nutritional programs to work with you remotely. With the advent of the internet the distances between us are shrinking, and you should not let geographic location get in your way of looking and feeling great.

Gina is also a determined entrepreneur and has started her own fitness clothing line: G-Fit Sportswear. With an intimate knowledge of the type of clothing required for an active lifestyle, Gina no doubt has a sportswear line that you need to look into. What better person to design a sportswear line then Gina Aliotti, a fitness superstar.

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You probably won’t find Gina at your local gym. You won’t find her advertising on Craigs List. You can find her on Fittron.com. Gina is an example of the quality of professional that list in our directory. Come see for yourself.