Fittron Featured Professional- Monica Guerra


Monica Guerra is a personal trainer, nutritionist, personal chef, fitness model, IFBB pro, and NPC fitness level competitor. Working out of Los Angeles, California, this accomplished athlete has devoted her life to helping others achieve their fitness goals. She runs her own fitness company, Peak Performance Nutrition, which offers a bevy of services from personal training to nutritional consultation. Monica is a recognized industry leader and viable celebrity in the fitness world. Her passion, dedication, and knowledge of the industry make her a fitness professional that you should be contacting to help you achieve your goals.

Monica’s skill set is diverse. She works with expecting mothers, young athletes, fitness competitors, and businessman. Harboring a unique knowledge, fortified through actual experience, of the fitness competition industry, she is a PTA examiner and judge for several fitness competitions throughout the country. If you are considering entering a fitness competition you should seriously consider enlisting her services. In addition to obtaining the coveted IFBB Pro Card, Monica has judged various shows and knows what the judges are looking for on stage. Don’t despair if you’re not on the West Coast. Monica offers online consultation and is capable of training serious competitors remotely. You don’t get many chances to work with a professional like Monica. Don’t let distance get in the way of that.

Monica is also a coveted fitness model. Acting as a spokeswoman for numerous product lines, Monica brings professionalism and credibility to each of the products she works with. A striking beauty of Hispanic heritage, you should consider Monica for work if you have a product you would like to introduce to the fitness community. Monica could help you launch your product the right way. Her resume speaks for itself.

Want to learn more about Monica? Visit her profile and contact her for fitness help. She is ready, and more then capable, of transforming not only your body, but your life as well.


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