Your Healthiest Future, See It, Then Live It

We all want to live the healthiest life we can. So what are we waiting for? If you truly want to be an energetic, leaner, active individual, then start acting like one. Picture the person you want to be and start doing what that person does. That person probably gets at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re living at the gym or are training for a marathon. It may mean they take a 20 minute walk at lunch and an after dinner stroll; then add aqua fit or yoga once a week and skiing with their kids on the weekend. They are moving their bodies, growing younger and feeling great.

It only takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Stick to it. Don’t wait until you drop ten pounds and buy a new outfit to join a gym you may never go to, start moving your body today. If you see yourself with more muscle tone, and greater bone density, then pick up some light hand weights or resistance bands because that is what those people you admire have been doing.

Healthy individuals always eat breakfast. A breakfast smoothie takes only minutes to prepare and if you need to, you can take it with you. Midmorning is snack time. Try a piece of fruit and a few almonds. Most days, pack a lunch. No fast food French fries, no vending machine quickies, plan ahead. If you have access to a microwave, take leftovers from last night’s dinner. A tuna sandwich on whole grain bread, an apple and maybe some yogurt tastes great and will supply some of your much needed daily fibre. When mid afternoon comes, it’s time for another protein/carb balanced snack. Have a snack packed so you are not tempted by the “low fat” muffins.

By eating nutrient dense foods at regular intervals throughout your day, your blood sugar remains constant and your energy levels remain high enabling your body to burn calories for fuel rather than storing them as fat. For dinner divide your plate into quarters with one quarter being lean protein such as chicken, one quarter being carbohydrates or starch such as rice or pasta and the other two quarters being vegetables. Leave the salt shaker in the cupboard. No one said you could never have dessert again but how about saving it for a special occasion? People with a consistently lower body weight do not have dessert every night.

If it’s too cold for an after dinner walk hit the mall, pop in an exercise DVD, sign-up for badminton, try belly dancing, go bowling or clean out a closet. Just move.

What else does your healthy self do? Drink as many glasses of water as you can, limit caffeine and alcohol intake and if you smoke get help to quit. Try to get the best sleep you can, both in quantity and quality. The memory foam pillows have become much more affordable and are really worth trying.

Picture the person you want to be and just pretend you are them. Next year at this time your “new” habits will be old hat and you’ll be taking it to a whole other level.

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