Want To Get Big? Go Heavy.

Nearly every young male wants to have big muscles and six pack. Some want it for vanity purposes (summer, girls) other are focused on gaining weight for specific sports, football especially. Either way, many males devote countless hours in the gym straining their muscles to grow and expand. The problem is not everyone does it right.

Some truths are so clear that they are often overlooked. Well here’s one that fits that category: If you want to get bigger, you need to lift heavier weights for less reps. Most athletes with a limited knowledge of the body can tell you this, but you would be shocked to know how many of them actually adhere to it.

If you’re doing more then 10 reps of any exercise you are wasting your time. Your body is shrugging that movement off, and telling you “I can do that, so what?” If your chest workout consists of 3 sets of 10 on the bench press, you’re not going to be expanding your pec size anytime soon. Complacency also leads to the dreaded “plateau” stage, where your body becomes so accustomed to the repetitive movement, weight, and repetition that it does not grow. So stop wasting your time. Start going heavier.

You’ll derive more benefit from bench pressing 225 pounds twice then you will from doing 135 twelve times. Plain and simple, your body is already built to handle that 135, if you want it to grow to handle the 225, you better start working towards that.

These heavier exercises are not as easy, they hurt sometimes, and it takes effort and dedication. But that’s what you’re in the gym for right? You want to get bigger legs? Start squatting more weight. There are no short cuts here. But there is a path you need to follow. It’s time to challenge your body, grow out of your comfort zone and shock your muscles into growth with some heavy weights and low repetitions.


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