Lunch Time Fitness

So here I was drudging through another morning at my mind numbing office job. I had spent the first hour sucking down a bad cup of coffee, and the next half hour staring at my computer screen. Somewhere around 1030 I decided I should check my email and went through what seemed like 400 emails; none of which seemed to say anything. Meetings, appointments, follow-ups, they all kind of blur together after a while. Let’s be honest, I was having a bad morning. I had a rather late night, capped off with 2 slices of pizza around 1am. Yeah, I had dinner and drinks with some friends. The evening got rather late and very unhealthy. Maybe that’s why I was having such a bad morning. Sure work sucks, but there was something about today that made it even worse.

I normally try to get a morning workout in; maybe half hour on the treadmill or some light weights. That doesn’t always happen. If I had a dollar for all the times I slammed my alarm clock to the floor (set for early morning workouts!) I could quit my dead end job and move to Hawaii and become a professional beach bum. Alas, reality is not so kind, and instead of getting dollars for shunning my alarm clock I get an ever expanding gut. As you could probably guess, I didn’t rise with the alarm clock this morning. In fact, I think I smashed it against my wall.

Prospects for getting a workout in sometime later weren’t looking to good either. I had a client dinner that I had to go to and I didn’t see myself canceling to hit the gym. Actually, I could definitely see myself canceling, but I was being unproductive enough today. Then I got to thinking. What am I doing for lunch?

My lunch usually consists of sitting at my desk and eating a semi-healthy meal with a side of chips. I try to do no work for at least a half hour. Sometimes ill go outside and make a phone call, sometimes ill surf the web, sometimes ill speak with some co-workers. Bottom line, I don’t do anything too productive.

I could probably take advantage of this time a little better. So I was thinking- let’s start a lunch break fitness club. I’m serious, if you’re reading this, I challenge you. I read somewhere that companies are required to give you at least a half hour lunch if you work 8 hours. Think of what you could do in a half hour! Let’s do 15 minute spinathons at the gym downstairs, or have a pull up contest, or see who can jump rope the longest. Instead of stuffing our face with fries, let’s all jump into a pair of running shorts and do a lap around 54th st or your local office park.

My company probably wouldn’t mind because they would be spared my obesity and diabetes medical premiums that I would surely be putting on the company insurance plan. Hint, employers don’t like to employ unhealthy people, it costs more.

I was also thinking I could be more productive at work with a little exercise break. Instead of feeling stagnant and lethargic, I could be energetic and buoyant. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better when I’ve had a long and productive workout.

So if you’re reading this (maybe you’re at work) try to get a fitness lunch group going. I’m starting mine today. And the first person I’m asking to join is my boss.

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  1. nice one 🙂

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