Fittron Featured Professional- Carmen Dura

Carmen Dura developed an affinity for fitness at a young age. By the age of sixteen, she was instructing group exercise classes and realizing that her life course lay in the field of fitness. Waking up each morning and being able to do something you are passionate about is a fleeting thought for most of us; but not Carmen. Carmen lives her dream everyday. As a certified personal trainer, and fitness model, Carmen Dura is recognized as one of the leading fitness professionals in Miami, Florida.

Carmen has been in the fitness industry for the past sixteen years. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, as well as an AFC certified personal trainer, group instructor, and boxing coach.

Carmen’s industry wide accomplishments are impressive. In both 1998 and 1999 she was recognized as the Alliance Fitness Corporation’s Fitness Manager of the Year. She was also a FAME fitness competitor in both 2006 and 2007. Her dynamic and athletic look has attracted industry wide attention and she is available for tradeshow and brand marketing opportunities. Companies looking for solid representation by a dependable and glamorous fitness veteran should contact Carmen. She is involved in a number of projects but is open to all inquiries.

Carmen is also a determined entrepreneur who has managed countless gyms and currently runs a fitness camp for children in the Miami area. Those of you looking for a fitness program for your kids should contact Carmen and inquire about her program. She tailors the program to every child’s individual needs and ensures a lively, fun workout environment. Having accomplished every other venture she has set out to achieve, there is no doubt that this new children’s fitness program will become the talk of the Miami area. We recommend you com to Carmen’s profile page and sign up while she still has space available.

You wont find a fitness professional of Carmen’s caliber at your local gym. You don’t just come across someone like this every day. Carmen is a recognized industry star and she is now advertising her services on because she wants to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Her fittron page is testament to her character and accomplishments. Read her bio, check up on numerous accomplishments, view her breathtaking pictures, and contact her for a fitness session. Carmen Dura is now available on Come take advantage.


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