The Body And You

Expansion and contracting…what does that mean?

Contracting and expansion…..does this mean what?

A play on words here, but bare with me on this…you have to put on your thinking caps for this one.

When one has a will, he or she will have or find a way…..

Without determination and the drive to succeed, you will falter.  When you first walk into a new gym, do you not notice that all eyes are upon you? Do you try not to make eye contact with anybody, or get distracted by their curious eyes?

Do you try to walk with confidence? That question was for all the men. Women do you feel uneasy when this happens to you?

Well my friend, this is what’s called the mind over the body…well at least to me.

Ok, when you want to workout, what do you do befor? You plan ahead, you think things through, what you want to, how you want to do it……and for all those new to this…..You ask questions… try to pick the one person who looks like they know what they are doing.

This is one way of calling the expansion and contracting… start by expanding your mind…thinking, wondering….you mind works well when this feeling hits……you get the ideas you want to have, you read the magazines, ask people questions! Yes that’s it… start expanding your well being, because you know when you hit the gym, you’re all ready to do battle with your IRON ENEMY!

Then it hits……..can I lift the weights, am I dressed right? Will everybody look at me I fail the lift, if I don’t  start the treadmill right without looking like a goof ball?

Don’t feel this way….now your mind is contracting…..first you were thinking about what you want to do, now you are actually doing it!

You’ve made that first step! Now you’re wondering who knows the most, who’s the biggest guy there, the sexiest woman…..if I need help will there be anybody there for me?

Again, expanding the mind!

You start your workout….guess what else you’re doing? You’re expanding the body’s natural progression!

When you expand you use your mind, “where the mind goes the body will follow”

You then contract and do so in a repeated matter…..without the expansion, there would be no contracting……

Now I ask you…where is the play on words here?

When a weight comes down on you…what do you  do? …..push back

If you want a positive for the negative you do what? You pick up (curl)


Contact professional Manny Kirby for some extra fitness motivation.

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