3 Tips To Help You Get Fit For Summer

Have you looked at the calendar lately? Summer is almost here. But, don’t worry: there’s still time to get healthy, fit and lean for summer!

Here are three simple yet effective tips that you can use to get fit for the summer.

Tip 1: Prioritize

Maybe you have 5, 10, or more items on your to-do list to get your body health-and-fitness-ready for summer. Prioritize that list, and focus on just one weak area. If you try to do everything at once, you’re going to increase your stress levels, which typically leads to inactivity and failure. Each week pick one primary goal for the week, and stick with it.

For example, you might decide to start with alcohol consumption. Alcohol is the fastest way to add empty calories, and it weakens your resolve to choose healthier foods. The average serving of 1.5 ounces of 80-proof alcohol contains about 90 calories before adding mixers. There’s no need to abstain from alcohol completely. Instead, you might choose to drink only one mixed drink per day. Or you might decide to stick with a glass of wine and forgo high calorie mixers. Try drinking mineral water with a slice of lime at a cocktail party instead of alcohol.

By prioritizing your to-do list, you’ll keep your goals manageable and feel successful. Each small success breeds even more success, and before you know it you’ll make progress in every area on that list.

Tip #2: Prepare

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Plan out what you’re going to eat for breakfast and lunch. Limit yourself to one or two breakfast choices, and just a few lunch options to keep it simple and hassle-free. Plan for a easy lunch such as grilled chicken with some fresh steamed veggies and a half a sweet potato or a dinner or pan seared salmon on top of a bed of mixed greens with olive oil and vinegar.

Plan ahead for a weekly massage to work away stress. Take a 5 minute walk outside in the middle of the day to let the sunshine revive your spirits. Before you step into a stressful meeting or pick up the phone to call a difficult client, take 5-10 deep, slow breaths. Let the air fill your lungs and energize your body, and exhale away stress and tension. You will be amazed at how much breathing and focusing on your breath can clear your mind.

#3: Recover

If you view any slipup as a defeat instead of a bump in the road, or you demand perfection in your eating habits, you’re more likely to increase your stress levels and strike out on your health and fitness goals. Resetting yourself by doing something active and concrete helps you restructure your thinking so you avoid an all-or-nothing attitude that cripples your success.

Use a Protein Day after a day filled with eating disasters to get right back on track. Base your meals and snacks around protein: eggs or egg whites for breakfast, grilled chicken or fish in a salad for lunch and with steamed vegetables for dinner, and canned tuna or sliced turkey for snacks. A Protein Day gives your body a break from carbohydrates and breaks the cycle of overeating and then feeling terrible.

Another recovery tool is to treat yourself to a healthy cheat meal once a week. Simple things like a chicken burrito from Chipotle, or a Hamburger from La Tub. Yes, you guessed it these are my favorites. This is because I know dieting gets hard and we all need a break. Enjoying Cheat night dinner helps you regroup, so you wake up the next morning feeling light and ready for a balanced breakfast.

With the tips outlined here, you’ll be beach-ready before you know it!


Fittron.com professional Danielle Hollenshade wrote this article. Come visit her profile page and see about enlisting her services to help you on your journey towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.


One response to “3 Tips To Help You Get Fit For Summer

  1. Great tips for summer. Alcohol adds empty calories, everyone should get rid of it. I prefer lots and lots of water which helps to shed weight and helps in detoxification. Veggies are preferable as they are easier to digest than meat in summer. Thanks a lot….

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