I can’t afford a personal trainer- but I want one!!

Let’s face it, personal training is a luxury. Not everyone can afford it, even though most people need it. Like anything else in life, you have to pay for an expert to provide a service for you; in this case, personal training. It’s no different then paying an attorney, an accountant, or an IT professional.

Some insurance companies have begun picking up the bill for a limited number of personal training sessions a week. Recognizing that a healthy policy holder will save them money in the long run (think about all the medical bills that an obese or diabetic person submits to their insurance carrier) insurance companies have recognized the valuable service that fitness professionals provide and have stepped up to paying the tab. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer fitness sessions, and if they don’t, ask them if they are considering. You’ll most likely find that many of them are, and if they say they have not, ask them why.

If you fall into the category of not being able to afford a fitness professional, and not being fortunate enough to have an insurance company that will pay for your sessions, you should look into some other alternatives.

First, personal training sessions might not be as expensive as you think. If you’ve walked into your local gym and asked how much they charge per session they’ve probably given you a number you felt to be a little too high- somewhere between $60-$120. But take a closer look at what they’re charging you for. The trainer is only making 50% of that fee (at most) and usually it’s around 30-40%; the facility takes the rest. So you are actually “paying” the professional anywhere between $20 and $50. Some business model those gyms have going for them, huh?

You should contact a fitness professional directly and ask what their individual rates are. We trust that you will find that they are significantly lower then what was quoted to you at your gym. That might sound great to you, but you’re probably wondering where you are going to workout if not at your gym? Most fitness professionals, and certainly most independent professionals, have gym equipment that they can bring to your apartment, office, or home. You don’t need a gym with fancy equipment and cluttered space. If you think about it, gyms are a rather novel invention. People didn’t spend hours doing dumbbell curls or walking the Stairmaster to get in shape in the past. You’ve probably seen the movie 300. While that’s Hollywood, keep in mind that the Spartans weren’t spending two hours a day at their local gym. There are plenty of more effective ways to get in shape; just ask your fitness professional to show you how.

If you still feel that you can’t swing the cost for a fitness professional, but would still like to benefit from the knowledge of one, you should come to Fittron.com and check out the “Pro Page.” The Pro Page is an interactive forum where our professionals post videos, articles, recipes, nutritional tips and more. Our professionals do this to market themselves; to show people that they truly know what they are talking about. You won’t see any posts from “jackedguy25” on here; only certified fitness professionals can use this forum. If you’re interested in who the person is behind the post, just click their name and go to their profile page where you can learn more about them. Take advantage of these articles and videos. Get a detailed diet plan from a certified nutritionist, or watch a video on how to perform proper exercises. On the Fittron Pro Page you can get all the benefits of a certified fitness professional; without having to pay for one.

You’re final question might be- “how do I find a fitness professional that’s right for me?” We’ve got that covered too. Come to our site and enter in your zip and view professionals in your location. We provide you with professional profiles with all the information you could ever want; pictures, rates, certifications, references, bios and more.

So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then your local gym, come by our site and see what you can find. And if you still don’t feel ready to commit to a session, then come take advantage of our Pro Page, and take one giant step towards a healthier lifestyle.



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