Kavvy’s Fruits of Love

Which Fruits Pack a Nutrient Punch?

The Winner:


~The vitamin C victor, with 165 milligrams, guava has more than twice the RDA and three times more C than oranges. It is also the third highest in fiber and fourth in beta-carotene,and it has a hefty dose of potassium.

Antioxidant Award:


~This citrus fruit is the best source for lutein and zeaxanthin, disease fighting antioxidants that may help protect your peepers

Vitamin C Star:


~Guava may be the C standout but one medium-sized kiwi gives you 100 percent of your RDA

Fiber Favorite:

Passion Fruit

~Just half a cup delivers 12 grams of fiber, which puts you well on your way to reaching the recommended 20 grams to 35 grams per day

A Lycopene Leader:


~With 50 percent more of this cancer-fighting antioxidant, this summer picnic staple kicks the tomato’s tush

Beta-Carotene Best:


~This chompable champ has about 60 percent more of the immunity-strengthening antioxidant than its closest competitor, cantaloupe

Flavonoid Feast:


~Berries deserve special mention for their heart-healthy anthocyanins. These flavonoids like those in dark chocolate and red wine, may help ward off heart disease.



The banana is a potassium powerhouse, yet it offers only a little fiber and vitamin C


A plum is OK for beta-carotene but it’s weak in the fiber department (less than 1 gram)


Though it provides a decent amount of potassium (288 milligrams), you would get as much vitamin C from a single slice of orange

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