Fittron Featured Professional- Rudy Richards is proud to announce another outstanding addition to our roster of qualified fitness professionals. Rudy Richards, a nationally ranked body builder, gym owner, personal trainer, and nutritionist, is on Fittron to help you get healthy.

Currently working out of New York City, Rudy brings a plethora of fitness knowledge that he bestows upon his clients. Although he trains as a body builder himself, he is not limited to working in one fitness genre, and his clients include “weekend warriors,” businessman, teens and athletes, women, and seniors. His fitness knowledge is vast, his experience impressive, and he is a nationally ranked athlete; possessing credentials that are hard to find at your local gym.

Rudy is an NPC level body builder. He competes at the national level; making him one of the fittest men in America. You would be remiss if you lived in the New York area and didn’t contact him for a consultation about fitness goals. He knows what it takes to train people properly. He ran a successful gym in Florida and has re-located to New York. He specializes in weight loss management, body sculpting and toning, sports specific training, competition preparation, and posing instruction. His rates are reasonable and he offers a number of nutrition and training packages.

For some reason, there aren’t many figure prep competition coaches in the New York area. Maybe it’s the weather, but it’s not easy to find someone to help you prepare for your first fitness competition if you live in New York City. Rudy Richards specializes in contest prep and posing routines. He has the resume to back this up, as his many successful forays on the body building stage will attest to.

If you live in New York and you’re thinking about entering a fitness competition, or just look for a professional and knowledgeable personal trainer, you need to contact Rudy Richards.

You’re not going to find a professional of Rudy’s caliber at your local gym. He doesn’t walk around with a “trainer” t-shirt to give his some semblance of credibility. His body, knowledge, and accomplishments compromise all of the credentials that he needs.

You’ll only find professionals of Rudy’s caliber on Come contact him and reach those fitness goals you’ve set for yourself.

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