Fittron Featured Professional- Nita Marquez

A determined entrepreneur, an accomplished fitness competitor, an up and coming musician, a business owner, personal trainer, dance choreographer, and mother, Nita Marquez epitomizes the world ambition. Most people are content to take what life gives them, and few possess the drive and courage to forge their own path; Nita is one of those rare individuals who has chosen to create her own destiny. Making a name for herself in the fitness, music, and business world, Nita Marquez is a name that you will soon be hearing. She’s joined our team at Fittron and now you are able to utilize her diverse talents and skills. You’d be hard pressed to find a more accomplished woman anywhere, so come to and take advantage of everything she has to offer.

Fitness has always played an intergral part of Nita’s life and she is currently working towards her Pro Card designation. She has competed in, and won, several amateur fitness competitions. Like everything else she does in life, Nita strives for the pinnacle, and the Pro Card is the natural progression for figure competitors of her caliber. Keep in mind that not everyone chooses to go for a Pro Card. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fitness competitions it’s like trying out for an NFL team; it’s not the easiest of tasks and most of us would never have a chance. Fewer still would even want to put in the necessary work that achieving such a milestone entails. Nita is in that select few that can not only feasibly obtain a Pro Card, but also posses the rare drive and perseverance it takes to become an athlete of that caliber.

Drive and perseverance are ubiquitous in everything that Nita does. She has just created a website ( that offers free online training videos and tips. Nita demonstrates most of the exercises herself and her nutritional advice should be heeded; she practices what she preaches and her body is a testament to her teachings.

Besides personal training and nutritional services, Nita is also an accomplished dancer and regularly choreographs routines for professional dancers in the Phoenix area. She devotes at least an hour each day to her own dance routine, and her accomplishments in this field have enabled her to become a sought after and respected choreographer; in demand in the Phoenix area and beyond.

Not content to preside over simply a life of fitness, Nita is also a musician and has several songs recorded with a new album in the works. Her foray into the music world should be met with great anticipation as Nita has proven to be successful in all endeavors that she undertakes. She is a sought after fitness professional, an accomplished athlete, an author, business owner, and musician. Nita is one of those rare individuals whose diverse range of talents often leaves the rest of us wondering how we can best emulate her.

Don’t be intimated by Nita’s resume. She is approachable, knowledge, and posses a warm disposition, eager to help you accomplish your goals. You’re not going to find a professional of Nita’s caliber at your local gym, you won’t find someone with her diverse fitness skill sets on an internet message board, but you’ll find her on Nita is another addition to our roster of the most impressive collection of fitness talent anywhere on the web. Nita is available for nutritional support, personal training, dance and choreography work, and life coaching.

Don’t fret if you don’t live in the Sun Valley of Phoenix. Nita is well positioned on the internet to help train you online. She has her own web portal up and running and can design programs, send meal plans, and videos demonstrating proper technique. Don’t let superficial distance get in your way of benefiting from this truly remarkable professional.

Nita Marquez is listed on Fittron for one reason- to reach and help you. Contact her and let her passion for fitness and life create a new you.


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  1. I have been to your site before. Outstanding femme photography. BTW you have a sexy port

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