Fittron Featured Professional- Kavvy Sonhos

Those of you fortunate enough to live in South Florida may be familiar with the name Kavvy Sonhos. Those of you who are rabid fans of fitness may also have heard the name. And for those of you who haven’t heard of Kavvy, pay attention. A new professional is making her mark in Florida, and she is making waves in the fitness and modeling world; soon to conquer both.

Kavvy is of Brazilian and Latino descent. An elegant beauty with an exotic look, Kavvy has focused her life on fitness, and is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and massage therapist. Realizing from a young age that she was passionate about health and wellness Kavvy immersed herself in the industry, choosing to become proficient in several facets of the body. Her nutritional background provides her with the knowledge to design meals for you, her massage training can relieve the weariest of muscles, and her personal training techniques are sure to help you reach your fitness goals.

Kavvy practices what she preaches. She recently began competing in fitness shows and just this past March she won the 2008 Sunshine Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Sunshine Classic has always been a launching pad for professionals looking to make their mark on the fitness circuit and Kavvy will prove to be no exception. The Sunshine Classic is fiercely competitive, and Kavvy stood out on the stage. Her performance left no doubt who the winner was that night and talk in the crowd was rampant with countless whispers of “who is this girl?” and “this girl is going places.”

Besides fitness, Kavvy is also a sought after model and has an impressive portfolio and client list. She is professional, beautiful, and in shape; possessing all the imperative intangibles to be a company spokes model. She is available for fitness modeling, trade show work, and professional work. Her reach and appeal is vast, and any company looking for a new spokes model should contact Kavvy.

The good people who live in Jupiter, Florida are well aware of the rising fitness star that they have in their midst. It’s time the rest of the country took notice. Currently training for national shows while maintaining her client list for nutrition, massage therapy, and personal training, Kavvy has time in her busy schedule for YOU.

Don’t despair if you don’t live in South Florida. Kavvy offers online training and online personal nutrition programs that are sure to bring results. She utilizes all her techniques herself, and as you can tell from her accomplishments; they work.

Besides physical beauty and prowess, Kavvy is a cerebral thinker who enjoys reading and silent contemplation. She writes very well and we wanted to share with you a small post she recently penned about accomplishing your dreams:

The only limitations we have in creating our reality are the ones we choose to place on ourselves. Why do we find it so hard to believe in something until it is accomplished by someone else. The world view at one time was that we lived on a flat planet any attempt to sail towards any end would lead to falling off the world. Then one man, Magellan, circumnavigated the world and all of a sudden everyone believed it possible. At another time in history the world view was that air travel was impossible but yet a couple of bicycle mechanics believed it otherwise and today we travel to and fro on huge jets. Time and time again we as a civilization set limitations, until someone has a dream and then turns their dream into a belief and in turn their belief becomes fact, then our perspective changes and we suddenly believe that which we previously considered absurd. If YOU can dream it, YOU can be it. You only think you have limitations when in fact you live in a world of limitless possibilities. Why wait for someone else to accomplish their dreams to change your beliefs, when all you have to do is believe in the power within yourself and bring to pass that which you desire. The people in history who have achieved the realization of their dreams were not often incredibly gifted individuals accept for the fact that they were able to break free of the limitations placed on them by themselves and the society’s they lived in. These people could leave the main stream thought and focus intently on the power within themselves often with incredible opposition from those surrounding them including their closest relatives and friends. Ironically, the ones doubting their ability’s were the ones who benefited most from their achievement. Learn to unlearn all the false limitations society has you believing, recondition yourself to believe all things are possible. Don’t wait in expectation of someone else’s dream create the reality of your choosing and become the person you are supposed to be not the one society thinks is possible for you. Dream it! Believe it! Be it!

Kavvy is well on her way to achieving her dreams. Contact her and let her help you achieve yours.

One response to “Fittron Featured Professional- Kavvy Sonhos

  1. This beautiful lady, Kavvy Sonhos, is very diligent in her professional work in the variey of fields of her expertise. I’ve been privilege to make her acquaintance in these capacities.

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