Fittron Featured Professional- Laura Binetti is proud to announce that Laura Binetti, the female bodybuilding legend, has joined our ranks of professionals. You’ve probably heard of Laura Binetti; anyone who follows the sport of bodybuilding has. Laura Binetti is an industry pioneer, the first female to leave a lasting impression on the sport and forge a path for female competitors for many years to come.

Laura began her athletic career as a distance runner in Canada. In order to better compete in her races, Laura began to weight train in 1986. She quickly fell in love with the gym and decided to re-focus her efforts on becoming a female bodybuilder. Laura consumed herself with weight training and transformed her physique into one of a well sculpted female bodybuilder. From 1987-1990 she won the Provincial and Canadian amateur bodybuilding championships. After having conquered Canada, she turned her attention to the world stage and won Pro Championships in three different countries. Laura is the only Canadian to ever win a World Championship. For those of you who don’t know, the World Championship is just as it sounds; it’s the biggest in the world, and Laura was the best in the world.

After reaching the pinnacle of the sport, Laura retired and begin to focus her life on personal training and contest preparation. She currently trains pro athletes, fitness competitors, wheelchair athletes, and everyday people like you looking to benefit from her knowledge and experience. A Graduate of the School of Physical and Health Education (B.P.H.E.) at the University of Toronto, Laura posses the necessary education to help athletes of all types; not just bodybuilders.

It may come as no surprise that Laura is well known for prepping athletes for figure and bodybuilding shows. She trains clients all throughout Canada and the US. If you’re not lucky enough to live near her in Toronto, she offers online training and contest prep. Her methods get results; as we witnessed one of her competitors, who Laura had trained entirely online, win a competition in Florida in March.

You now have access to Laura Binetti on Fittron. Those of you living in Canada have no excuse not to being utilizing her knowledge and talents to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Those of you looking for contest prep need look no further either; Laura is accomplished as both a former competitor and a coach.

Laura is yet another example of the top of highly qualified professional that we bring to you at Fittron. Our first Canadian professional couldn’t have been any more accomplished.

Laura Binetti gets results for her clients. Come contact her and get yours.


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