Big Nation Radio- A Fittron Partner has been working closely with an up and company: Big Nation Radio. Big Nation Radio is the show for bodybuilding fans, MMA enthusiasts, and sports junkies. The guys at Big Nation ask questions that most people won’t. They’ll hammer their guests about steroids, drugs, and just how murky that road to the top truly was. There are no cookie cutter questions here; just raw and real content. Entertaining, fast paced, and hard hitting, Big Nation Radio is quickly leaving its mark on the world of bodybuilding and beyond.

Big Nation Radio is hosted by Special Ed and Block Head. Both former bodybuilders, they bring a unique perspective to the show that can only be garnered from having walked in the shoes of the very people they are interviewing. You can’t fool these guys. They know what everyone else knows and are too scared to talk about. The sport of bodybuilding is riddled with drug use and steroids. It’s a dirty little secret that everyone knows; but no one wants to talk about. Until now. Finally a show that has you hanging on every word. Finally a show that will make you ask out loud “Is King Kamali going to answer that question?” or “Did Ronnie Coleman just say what I thought he said?”

That’s right. King Kamali and Ronnie Coleman. Big Nation Radio has these guys on as regular guests; sponsors be damned. Big Nation gets the top names in the industry. Don’t be surprised if you hear Jose Canseco on their show in the near future. After all this show talks about steroids.

You know how you can tell you’ve arrived? You’ve got people saying bad things about you. Big Nation Radio has caused quite a stir in the bodybuilding world and has drawn the ire of a number of promoters, companies, and websites. Why? Because they ask the tough questions, and they get their guests to answer them. These aren’t your typical ESPN interviews where they spend the hour asking “what emotions were going through your body when you took the stage that night?” No. They ask tough questions like “would you be where you are today without steroids?” Big Nation isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers.

You can listen to Big Nation every Monday night at 7pm. Log onto their website ( and click on the Blog Talk radio icon on the lower right hand side. If you want to catch the live show make sure you’re at your computer on Monday nights, but you can replay the prior weeks show at any time.

If you’re a bodybuilding fan, an MMA fan, or just a sports fan, you need to be checking out Big Nation radio. They talk to the guys and girls you want to hear from, and they ask them the questions you want to know. Big Nation is ripping through the industry and making more waves every week. Come see for yourself.

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