Need a diet plan?

There are four essential elements that are needed to transform your body. One is exercise, two is commitment and dedication, three is knowledge(knowing what you’re doing) and the most overlooked, and often most important, is diet. Too many people fail to realize that what we put in our system has more of an effect on our bodies than any form of exercise that we do. You can workout like a madman but if you ruin your gains with a horrible diet then all your work is for naught. You need to understand what you’re putting in your system, and you need to know what you should and should not eat. We recommend enlisting the help of a Fittron professional to help put you on the right path.

You might be familiar with the cliché “abs aren’t made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen.” Indeed this catchy slogan, so often circulated, and it’s true; entirely true. How many times have you found yourself doing hundreds of sit ups a week, or trying every new ab fad on the market in hopes of obtaining that elusive six pack. You’ve seen the commercials; 8 minute abs, the perfect sit up, the flat-tummy machine; you’ve done them all. So what gives?

First, let’s just let it be known that there is nothing wrong with any of the above mentioned products. Indeed they all have their merits and each can help you trim that waistline; so long as you follow up with a proper diet. Exercise alone isn’t going to do it. There is no miracle machine, no miracle exercise; your body is going to be sculpted by the fuel you put into it.

Since we’ve established just how important diet is we now need to discuss how you go about gaining the necessary knowledge on what you should and should not eat. Just think of the diet fads over your lifetime. Growing up we were all taught that carbohydrates should form the base of our “food triangle pyramid”(remember that?) and we should be consuming 5-6 servings of bread and wheat a day. Now carbs are the enemy, shunned like a leper. New diet fads sweep the nation on what seems like a monthly basis and names like Nutrisystem, the South Beach Diet, Atkins diet, flood our televisions and supermarket aisles. It’s a jungle out there. You need someone to help you find your way.

Finding a nutritionist isn’t exactly the easiest task. Your local gym won’t usually employ one, and asking them for a blind referral probably isn’t the best way to go either. Nutritionists are highly skilled, specialized professionals. Make sure you get one who has a RD(Registered Dietician) and has gone to school to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to “prescribe” food to you. They might not be giving you a prescription, but in telling you what to put in your body, when, how much, and why, they are in effect giving you medical advice(hence the RD). Make sure you discuss your goals with your nutritionist, tell them what you’re looking to weigh, how often your exercises, and what food you generally have access to.

Diet is an integral part of health and wellness. You can’t eat a bag of potato chips just because you did 20 minutes on the treadmill. And how much pasta should you eat? What about red meat? To get the answers to these questions you need to talk to a professional. At Fittron our directory is stacked with RDs and nutritionists to help you learn about how to change your eating habits. Just look at some of the meal plans and recipes posted on our Pro Page. Our professionals are eager to share their knowledge with you. Come visit our site and find that nutritionist that you’ve needed for so long.

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