Central Park Boot Camp. New York City.





The Weather Is Changing. Your Workout Should Too


Fittron.com  will be holding boot camp classes in Central Park in New York City all Spring and Summer long.  There’s no contract, and no commitment. Sign up for as many or as few classes as you like.


Fittron professionals will be leading boot camp style exercises that include squats, pushups, band exercises, lunges, jumping jacks, isometrics, plyometrics, running, kickboxing, and self defense. We believe that changing up your normal gym routine will yield the results you’re after. Your body becomes accustomed to the same workout routine and you quickly reach a “plateau” where you’re unable to realize any further gains; unless you trick your body. Let’s trick it with some fun in the park. Let’s trick it with Central Park Fitness.


No need to bring any equipment, just come armed with a water bottle, and a smile; ready for a great workout that will make your heart pound. We’ll provide the guidance that will leave you feeling healthy and empowered. The weather is warmer and dress is lighter, take advantage of this new and fun fitness opportunity.


Leave the tired treadmill behind and come out to the Park to run some steps, make some loops around the ponds, and use Central Park as your gym!




To sign up please click the link below or email info@fittron.com


Central Park Boot Camp

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