20 Minute Workout for Women

Legs, gluts, calfs back, abs, chest, and arms
20min workout

Warm up
Jumping Jacks 3 sets for 1 min
1min rest in between set

3 sets of 15
Only 1 min rest in between sets

hand behind your head feet flat on the ground and shoulder width apart bend your knees as if you where going to sit down in a chair, then stand back up and squeeze your glutes as you come up

[Push ups]
Knees on the floor feet cross back stright hands shoulder width apart, bend at the elbows so your chest is about to touch the floor, then back up and again

[Leg lifts]
Lay on your side feet together elbows on the floor for balance, lift your top leg 45 degrees in the air and back down for 15 then swtich sides

[Lower Abs]
first lay on your back feet flat on the ground, bring your knees to your chest then back down to the floor. Hands by your side close to your body.

Upper Abs

Sidney Wilson just made fitting in your workout easy. See what other valuable tips he and other Fittron professionals have waiting for you at Fittron’s Pro Page. You have much to lose and even more to gain.


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