Thinking about entering a fitness competition?

Have you spent some time thinking about entering a fitness competition? Are you turning heads at your local gym and getting suggestions that you should take the next step and enter a contest? You’re probably the fittest person on the block and you might be thinking that fitness competitions would be a cool way to make some extra money, all while doing something you really enjoy. This should be easy, right? Not so fast.

There’s a big step that athletes have to take from being the local stud in the gym to actually competing with professional athletes on stage. Realize that a good majority of the people you are actually going to be competing with do this for a living; a full time job. They’re not just casually working out after work. If you enter an amateur show you are more likely to encounter people of a similar background as yourself; part time athletes, full time 9-5ers. There’s nothing wrong with these shows, or the athletes that compete in them. Everyone has to start somewhere. But if you really want to take the next step in fitness competition, and perhaps obtain a coveted Pro Card, you better prepare yourself to undergo some serious changes; both mental and physical.

You can’t just walk onto a stage and expect to perform well. No matter how awesome your physique, there are certain movements, poses, and stage demeanors that you’ll need to focus on to be successful. It’s not real easy to find people to help prepare you for something like that. We don’t recommend walking into your local gym and asking for a trainer to help you prepare for a contest.

First, you don’t need a “trainer,” you need a specific type of fitness professional; a “pageant fitness trainer,” also know as a “fitness competition coach.” It’s unlikely that your local facility has anyone on board who has done something like that. Professional competition coaches aren’t easy to find, and most people don’t even know where to look. Don’t be so quick to take out your wallet if someone at your gym tells you that they’ve competed in a few competitions and can get you ready. Chances are that individual didn’t perform too well and probably could have benefited from some coaching themselves.

Pageant fitness training is a very defined and specific field; almost like an attorney. Instead of a JD as a certificate of credentials, these people should have history of contest success; either by themselves or by the people they train. We personally recommend that you seek out someone who has been there; meaning who has actually been on stage. There are a number of professionals that never stepped on stage who could do a remarkable job of getting you ready, but we believe that individual experience trumps all else. Someone who has experience competing themselves can tell you things that someone who has never competed cannot; what emotions you’ll feel before you walk on stage, how to deal with other competitors, and other tidbits of information that are only born from actually being there.

At we have a number of pageant fitness trainers. Trainers who have walked that stage that you are now contemplating and trainers that have had remarkable success. We have IFBB Pros, Olympia winners, and the 2008 Arnold Classic winner in our directory. Indeed, you won’t find a collection of talent like this anywhere else.

Need some more convincing? Just read our professionals profile pages and check out their pictures. You’ll see that these professionals not only practice what they preach, but they have the success on stage to back it up.

If you’re serious about competing, you should get serious about preparing yourself. You’re going to need some coaching, and the Fittron professionals can help you. Don’t be dismayed if you want to work with someone but find out that they live halfway across the country. With the advent of the internet the distances between us are shrinking, and you can benefit from online personal training. There are countless stories of successful fitness competitors who have received their entire training online. You deserve the help of a Fittron professional; don’t let location stand in the way of your dream.

You ready to get serious? Then you need to get some serious contest preparation. has what you’re looking for. Take that next step and let our professionals take you to the next level.


7 responses to “Thinking about entering a fitness competition?

  1. I am looking to do a fitness comp. close to home. Do you know if there are any competition in idaho or utah??

  2. I want to do a fitness or near charlotte nc. this would be my first fitness comp. any ideas?

  3. Don’t do Womens Tri Fitness. Its completely unprofessional and unorganized. The reused judges used in the show associate/date the competitors. In recent shows, his girlfriend and daughter competed. Al Rosen the owner of WTF pulls people from the spectators to help judge and time and I’m not impressed at all. Try it once for the experience but this competition lacks experienced judges and professional staff.

  4. I agree Womens Tri Fitness was a safe haven for me but I couldn’t believe how disorganized the competition was. I won’t do another one too.

  5. Hey FitRon!! great page and dropping by to say hello!!
    (Katerina from MySpace)

  6. Im interested in winning the miss fitness competition.

    Is there n e one out there with that winner’s fire that can take me all the way?

  7. im looking to do my first fitness comp. and i was wondering if anyone knew one in the new jersey area
    thank you

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