Fittron Featured Professional- Kristi Tauti

Kristi Tauti

Despite growing up as the middle child of five girls in Oregon, Kristi Tauti had little trouble standing out. Never one to get lost in the shuffle, Kristi excelled in athletics from a young age and displayed a penchant for fitness early on in life. While in High School she competed in several sports including volleyball, basketball, softball, and track and field. Her interests and talents reached beyond the field of athletics as Kristi also excelled in the classroom and was an active member of the choir and concert bands. She played the flute, piccolo, and saxophone. A well rounded young woman to say the least, Kristi stood apart from her classmates in her hometown, as all realized that she was destined for great things. Kristi just had to decide which one of her talents she wanted to pursue.

Kristi decided that her heart lay in the fitness field, and began preparing for a career in health and wellness. Kristi went to college in Hawaii and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science. During this time she continued to live an active lifestyle and worked hard to sculpt her body into a healthy and vibrant shape.

Armed with the knowledge gained from a college degree, Kristi began working at Golds Gym in Hawaii as a personal trainer to share her love of fitness with other people. Soon Kristi had a number of satisfied clients while still maintaining her healthy figure. She began to turn heads out her gym and she was shortly approached by individuals who suggested that she compete in figure competitions. Possessing the good lucks, physique, proper genetics, warm disposition, and strident work ethic that figure competitions require, Kristi was destined for success.

In 2001, Kristi entered her fist fitness competition: the 2001 Hawaiian Hurricane Fitness Challenge. Kristi won both rounds of the fitness challenge and took home the overall title; quite a feat for her first show! Kristi was now firm in her belief that her career ahead lay in the fitness field. Winning the overall title in your first competition is virtually unheard of, but Kristi did it. The fitness world turned their heads and began to take notice that Kristi Tauti was here to stay.

Encouraged by her early success, Kristi continued to train and compete in competitions throughout the country. She competed in the 2002 NPC Mrs. Hawaiian Islands, 2003 Ms. Designer Body Hawaiian, and 2003 NPC Team Universe. Just to be invited to these shows is an accomplishment in itself; and Kristi was quickly becoming one of the most recognized faces in the industry.

She eventually moved out of Hawaii and settled in Oregon. She is married with a young daughter and continues to compete in competitions throughout the country. She won her coveted Pro Card and is currently focused on winning the Ms. Figure Olympia contest; a goal that we have little doubt that she will achieve.

Kristi Tauti is one of the fittest females in the country. She is an accomplished fitness competitor, personal trainer, fitness model, and spokesperson for numerous brands and companies. Everyone who interacts with her recognizes her professionalism, knowledge, and love of fitness.

Lucky for you, she is available to help you reach your fitness goals. She currently trains clients out of the Portland, Oregon area. If you are lucky enough to live in the Pacific Northwest you should be contacting Kristi right now. You won’t find a professional of Kristi’s caliber at your local gym, you probably won’t be lucky enough to get a referral to contact her, but you can find on Kristi is just another one of the tremendously qualified professionals who populate our directory. And now you have access to her.

If you don’t live in the Portland area, don’t despair. Kristi offers online and pageant fitness training, so that wherever you are located, you can benefit from Kristi’s knowledge and passion for fitness. If you are considering entering a contest you better have someone with credentials to help prepare you; Kristi doesn’t just have credentials, she has titles and widespread acclaim that you won’t find anywhere else.

Kristi Tauti is on Fittron to help you. Fittron gives you access to professionals that you never dreamed you could one day work with. Now you can. There are no more excuses. Kristi Tauti is available to get you healthy. Come contact her and take that first step towards a healthier, happier life.

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