Fittron Featured Professional- Lauren Beckman


The state of Idaho is known for its picturesque landscapes, breathtaking beauty, ski resorts, and friendly people. In no attempt to diminish the natural grandeur of such a beautiful state, Idaho is quickly becoming known as the home of Lauren Beckman; a fitness professional of unmatched talents.

Lauren Beckman began to get serious about fitness at sixteen. Fascinated with the changes that the human body could undergo with a workout routine and proper diet, Lauren incorporated healthy living into her life as a young teenager. Possessing the athletic prowess, natural beauty, and good genes that it takes to be successful in the fitness world, Lauren began to turn heads on the fitness stage. By the age of nineteen she had competed in, and won, several local fitness competitions.

Currently she is an NPC(National Physique Committee) competitor at the amateur level. Never one to back down from a challenge, Lauren sets high goals for herself. Her stated goal is to win the title of IFBB Ms. Olympia Figure by the age of 30. A lofty goal indeed, we don’t have no doubt that Lauren will achieve that goal. Many years away from 30, and winning more acclaim and notoriety by the day, Lauren is quickly establishing herself as a top performing fitness competitor; someone who is entirely capable of winning the coveted Olympia Figure crown.

Lauren works to share her knowledge of fitness as a personal trainer. Possessing the credentials that few ever achieve, Lauren is the trainer to know in the state of Idaho. You won’t find Lauren working as a trainer on the weekends, or masquerading as a fitness professional during the summer months. Lauren is an accomplished, successful fitness professional; the kind you need to work with.

Do yourself a favor. Instead of walking into your local gym and asking for a trainer and working with whatever out of shape professional they give you for $80, visit and read a little bit about Lauren on her profile. Check out the fitness genres she specializes in, read up on her accomplishments, and see how she can help you.

You’re not going to find your average fitness professional on Our professionals aren’t content with taking an hourly check from their facilities and working with whomever the gym gives them; our professionals advertise on Fittron because they want to help YOU. You won’t find Lauren at your local gym; you’ll find her on Fittron.

Come visit and see what Lauren can do for you.

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