Simple Tips To Shed Fat


1: No fast food. To combat the urges, I eat every 2-3 hours.

2: Eat the majority of meals at home. When I stopped eating out, I started losing fat.

3: Eat more vegetables. If I get hungry between meals, I either grab a plate of raw veggies with fat-free dressing or have a protein shake if I need the protein or want a special treat.

4: Cook fat-free (cooking sprays or fat-free spray butter).

5: Reduced calorie condiments. My new favorite is I cant believe its not butter spray. It has all of the taste of butter, with only five calories per serving. Also, the new syrup made with Splenda is excellent on sweet potatoes.

6: Drink loads of water and stick to diet drinks (Diet Mountain Dew is my favorite). No fruit juices, only real fruit. The exception is protein shakes.


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One response to “Simple Tips To Shed Fat

  1. I want a nice stomach and no matter how hard I work, I just cant seem to get what I want… A six pack!!

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