Fittron Professional- Karla Podewils Venazio



Karla Podewils is quickly making her mark on the fitness landscape in Florida and beyond. A voracious learner always looking to improve herself, Karla has been drawn to fitness and education since she was a young girl growing up in Wisconsin. Realizing the inherent benefits of a healthy life and body, Karla gravitated towards a life of fitness.

Possessing not only a striking physique and warm personality, Karla is an astute learner and gifted student, who graduated from High School at 16. She also has an associates degree in Art.

Displaying an early flair for success, Karla translated her talents in the classroom into fitness and began competing in the Florida area. She is currently an NPC (national physique committee) figure competitor in her second season as an Amateur. Like everything else she had done in her life, Karla has had great success on the figure circuit and will surely make her mark on the fitness world as she continues to compete throughout Florida and the Country.

An avid reader who always believes you can learn more, Karla is going back to school to get her RD (Registered Dietician) degree and study Food Science. Already holding a personal training certification, Karla will be adding to her impressive resume with an advanced degree. Soon she will be able to provide you with not only personal training, but diet plans and nutritional advice as well.

Karla’s look has caught the eyes of many advertisers and she is a spokeswoman for numerous companies and products throughout the country. She is available for contract work and is a tremendous advocate for her sponsors. She does trade show work, commercial, print and television, and always leaves her mark. Anyone looking for a professional spokeswoman should contact Karla. She will grow your business, and work in a professional manner.

Karla is indicative of the type of professional that you will find on Fittron; a fitness star who you won’t find at your local gym. Nowhere else do you have the ability to interact with fitness professionals of her caliber. Nowhere else but

Come visit Karla’s profile to learn a little more about her. You’ll be glad that you did.

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