Do life a big favor and refuse to accept anything less than the best from it. Give respect to those around you by relating to them with the highest of expectations.

It is not naive, cruel or arrogant to sincerely expect the best of yourself, of every other person and of every situation. In fact, it is highly empowering and enriching for all concerned.

Genuine, deeply-held expectations serve to powerfully guide thoughts and behavior. And by so doing those expectations create results.

Expect the best of yourself, and when you start veering off course your high expectations will push you to get back on track. Expect the best of others, and you will instill a sense of confidence that can substantially boost performance.

If you do not truly expect to reach them, your dreams and goals will only tease and taunt you into a sense of bitter frustration. Yet when you give those dreams the power of positive expectation, you have what it takes to make them real.

Your expectations can influence every thought, every perception, every action, every interaction, and every situation. So choose to make those expectations the very highest and best they can be.

This was passed to be my girl V, who received it from the people who make it possible and easier for her to do what she loves to do…her trainers. I thought I would take a minute to pass it on to those who are in the midst of training, competing and achieving their goals; I hope it inspires everyone I pass it on to as much as it has inspired me.

Danielle can do more then just get you in shape; she can inspire you to lead a better life. She’s one of our best professionals, and you can only find professionals of her caliber on Fittron.com




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