The Best Personal Trainers in North Jersey

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you know that our professionals are spread out throughout the country. We’re in 20 different states now, and growing everyday. Still, you’ve probably noticed that we have more professionals in the New York/New Jersey area, then anywhere else. And it’s true. Our biggest concentration of professionals is in the North Jersey and New York area.

The North Jersey area is the most densely populated region in the country. Attempting to wade your way through the legions of fitness professionals in this area can be daunting; that’s why you have We list the best professionals in the area. Ones that you can be sure can help you accomplish your fitness goals.


Just enter a North Jersey zip code, 07631, 08901, or 08610, and check out the professionals that you pull up: Ken Herishen, Christopher Williams, Rick Stype, and Michael Hurley, just to name a few. Click on their profiles and read about their plethora of accomplishments. Chris is not only a personal trainer, but a trained airline pilot. Kenny specializes in youth fitness and helping young athletes achieve their fitness goals. Rick runs his own personal training business and is active in the Rutgers athletic community. Mike Hurley has been a trainer for over 25 years. This isn’t a Craigs List of professionals. These professionals make up the most accomplished fitness directory on the web. Every single one of these professionals is available to come to your home or apartment and do in-home training with you. You don’t have to go through a gym, you don’t have to sign membership fees or long term contracts; you just have to go onto and contact them.



North Jersey is a tough place; you have to work hard to make it here. The professionals in North Jersey who list their services on Fittron fit that mold. They’re not your average personal trainer who works on weekends for some extra cash. Personal training is a full time job for all of these gentlemen.

No more walking into your local gym and asking for some fitness professional you’ve never met. You have a choice now New Jersey. Our professionals are the best you’ll find anywhere. Come see for yourself.

One response to “The Best Personal Trainers in North Jersey

  1. I have been a fitness pro for 10 years now and would like to get on your list of professionals. How do I go about doing that?

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