Love Your Caffeine? Love it a Little Less.

Many of my clients are Wall Street types and attorneys that combine early days and late nights in their attempts to keep up and compete. If you’re like them, you could be fighting a losing battle with heavy caffeine doses in the morning, followed by pill popping at night. This cycle can land you in the doctor’s office with dehydration or heart palpitations. Too much caffeine can also:

1. Dehydrate your body and skin

2. Deprive you of calcium

3. Be psychologically and physically addicting.

4. Increase your body’s adrenaline, hear rate and blood pressure.

If these reasons for kicking the caffeine habit don’t catch your attention, let me appeal to your vanity: Caffeine dehydrates your body, which in turn encourages you to reach for foods high in sodium, causing you to retain water – which adds to water weight gain. When my clients come to the gym, I work them really hard. I hate to see them dilute the benefits of their hard work in the gym — with what they do outside the gym.

So let’s liberate you from caffeine. Here’s what Professor X suggests: Cold Turkey Solutions Rarely Work. If you think you can just wake up one day and stop, more power to you. But be aware that this could also cause you to join a group of esteemed people that claim to be experts in kicking addictions, because after all, “they’ve done it at least 15 times.” Conduct your withdrawal in steps. Get a friend to do it with you if you think you can’t do it alone. 1. If you drink four cups per day, drop to three cups for one week, then to two until you’re at one cup of coffee per day. Follow your coffee with a glass of water. 2. Substitute that a cup of morning joe with a tall glass of water to initiate the hydrating process. The more water you drink, the less you will be dependent on coffee for that morning boost. 3. Try green tea. It has less caffeine and is high in anti-oxidants. Chase it with a glass of water. Stay away from the type with the corn syrup that you find in the refrigerated section of your deli or store. 4. Unhealthy, irregular diets cause us to seek quick energy fixes. By cleaning up your diet, you’ll maintain consistent energy levels all day long.

Combine healthy diet with smaller doses of stimulants, and you’ll sleep like a baby. If you’re competitive, that extra rest will give you the strength and mental prowess you need to compete to win. How Long Will it Take? If you’re motivated, it will take approximately 21 days – the typical amount of time it takes to break any habit. Is There an Alternative? No. Substituting one stimulant for another (like Red Bull or another type of energy drink) will only aggravate the problem. Give Yourself a Break. You only get one body, so respect it by giving it the proper fuel (and rest) it needs to function and get you to the top of that corporate ladder (if that’s where you indeed want to be). Take Control. We all want to take control of our careers, so start with taking control of your drinking and eating habits, a prerequisite to any plan for happy living, whether you’re an artist with unstructured hours or a Wall Street analyst that is driven by the structure and demands of markets you’ll never control. But you can control the amount of stimulants you put in your body which will keep you out of the doctor’s office. And besides, who has time for that?

Easy Day. Sidney Wilson.

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