I’m looking for a personal trainer

Attempting to find a personal trainer can be a rather intimidating process. Most people don’t know where to start, and often just walk into their local gym and ask for one. This system of blind selection is clearly not desirable, but no one seems to know another way to go about it. Well we have a solution. Come visit http://fittron.com and find that perfect trainer.

We recognized the lunacy that exists in placing blind faith in your facility to provide with a qualified professional. Most facilities claim to go through an extensive matching selection, but in reality they’re just filling slots. They have a roster of trainers and they need to get them working. Chances are, the few reputable trainers are already booked, and you’re forced to work out with the guy with a gut who would rather spend his time reading a magazine then instructing you on proper technique and eating habits. Its crazy when you think about it, isn’t it?

How do you know the professional you’re working with is even certified? Does he/she have any references? What do they specialize in? Surely the gym isn’t providing you with this information. The gyms are doing everything they can to get their trainers working; after all they take upwards of 70% of whatever you pay. Did you ever ask to see a resume? Aren’t you entitled to some more information before you commit to a $100 session? Or maybe you’re not a member of a gym, and you’re looking for a trainer to come to your home or apartment. How do you find someone for that? You go to Fittron.com.

With Fittron you can preview before you buy. We list trainer profiles with all the information you could ever want: pictures, rates, certifications, bio, references, specializations and more. We check all certifications, and if a professional posts something that is misleading we take the profile down immediately.

With our specialization tab you can build your own professional. Enter in your zip code and refine your search by specialization. Select from over 80 different specializations including: pre natal, youth fitness, strength training, women’s health and fitness, yoga, strength training, or marathon training. Our database will match your selection with professionals in your area who specialize in those specific fitness areas that you want to pursue. Trying doing something like that at your local gym. Use their profile as a resume and make an informed decision.

There are no contracts with Fittron, there are no referral fees. We’re a directory of fitness professionals for YOU to use. We take the mystery out of finding the right fitness professional. Fittron gives you all the information you could ever want. We just made fitness really easy. Come see for yourself.


One response to “I’m looking for a personal trainer

  1. I am a Senior Personal Training officer working for International gym since 5 years. I am Fitness Professionally certified. also Mister India level body builder too. If anybody is looking for a Personal trainer to take personal Training/Body Building you can contact me @ [EMAIL=”passion_starprakash@yahoo.co.in”]

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