Fittron Featured Professional- Andrea Dumon

Andrea Dumon

Andrea grew up in Walla Walla, Washington as an active child. Involved with sports from a young age, fitness was always an integral part of her life. She attended college to pursue a degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Training. Armed with a degree and the knowledge necessary to be successful in the fitness field, Andrea began working with athletes upon graduation.

She soon became a sought after fitness professional and was making a difference in the performance careers of many of her clients. While working with young athletes, Andrea realized that her zeal for competition was still very much alive. She decided to take the next logical step in her fitness career, and began to train to be a fitness competitor.

After doing some initial research into the background of the industry, Andrea realized how perfect it was for her. She entered her first NPC competition in July of 2001. She finished in the top three! Quite a feat for a first time competitor in an NPC show. Her fellow competitors took notice of this newcomer and realized that Andrea Dumon was going to be around for a long time; and would quickly make her mark on the fitness landscape.

She soon obtained her IFBB Pro Card (a highly sought after designation that few ever achieve) and is currently sponsored by Met-Rx. She is one of the most recognized faces in the fitness world and her sponsorship and Pro Card status give credence to just how accomplished she is.

Andrea runs a personal training studio out of Scottsdale, Arizona. She specializes in personal training, contest prep, nutrition, flexibility, and injury rehab. If you’re in the Scottsdale, AZ area you should definitely contact Andrea. You won’t find a professional of her quality at your local gym, we can promise you that. If you’re not in Arizona you still have the opportunity to work with Andrea. She offers online personal training and support. You should take advantage of gaining access to a professional of her caliber.

For those of you who don’t know, an IFBB Pro Card represents the pinnacle of fitness. It’s the equivalent of a football player playing in the NFL. Imagine if you had access to Tom Brady to teach you how to throw a football. You have access to Andrea Dumon to get you in shape; that’s just as big as working with Brady for football. MetRx doesn’t sponsor just anyone.

Andrea is just one of the many IFBB pros who populate Fittron’s directory. We don’t promote regular professionals who are more focused on collecting a pay check then helping you get healthy. You won’t find any out of shape professionals on our site. You’ll find fitness leaders like Andrea Dumon. Come take advantage.

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