The Fittron Pro Page has just added a new and exciting feature to our site: the Pro Page. The Fittron Pro Page is a forum where our professionals can write articles, upload instructional videos, pictures, diet plans, workout programs and more. All posts are free for browsers to view and benefit from.

Each Fittron professional has the ability to craft their own Pro Page. This page will be located on the professional’s Fittron profile. In addition to the information you’ve come to expect (rates, bio, certifications and more) you now have even greater access to the expertise of a Fittron professional. Our professionals will be uploading all sorts of nutritional articles and videos that you can take in for free. Let our professionals impress you with their fitness knowledge on their Pro Page. Once you read the articles and publications that are posted by our professionals, you’ll no doubt want to enlist their expertise in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Additionally, we will be “featuring” various Pro Page posts on our homepage. There is a “featured” Pro Page link that can be accessed by clicking on the yellow sunburst at The posts that appear here have been selected by our staff as warranting “featured” status. All posts will be linked back the professionals profile page, so if you like one of our featured posts, follow up by clicking on the professionals profile and see what other helpful articles they have posted on their own Pro Page.

This Pro Page will be regularly updated, so be sure to check back everyday to see what new fitness tips you can gain from our qualified professionals. You can be sure you are getting expert advice, as only our certified professionals are allowed to post on Fittron’s Pro Pages.

Perhaps some of you thought that Fittron was a great idea, but you were not able to afford a fitness professional at this time. With our new Pro Page you can take advantage of our professionals EVERY day. Gain insight from their knowledge, check back to see what new tips they’ve posted, and benefit from a Fittron professional without actually working with one.

Fittron is growing and the Pro Pages are a new facet to the site that we are sure will be popular with users. Where else can you get expert advice like this? Only on Fittron. And if you don’t believe us, just come read some of the articles, and check out the profiles of the individuals who wrote them. You won’t find this collection of Fittron talent anywhere else:

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