Fittron Featured Professional- JulieAnn Kulla

JulieAnn Kulla

Hailing from the Minneapolis/St Paul region, JulieAnn Kulla is an emerging fitness model and competitor. An avid gymnast growing up, JulieAnn devoted much of her youth to pursuing this athletic art, and spent countless hours training and competing in events throughout Minnesota. She eventually stopped competing and took a hiatus from physical activity.

After meeting her husband, who happened to be a professional bodybuilder, JulieAnn felt reinvigorated and began to again focus her life on physical fitness. Her body transformation did not take long, and JulieAnn soon began competing in figure shows. Enjoying success on the figure competition circuit, JulieAnn began getting notice from photographers and other fitness publications. She has been approached by, and appeared in, numerous magazines throughout the fitness world.

JulieAnn is also an ardent follower of healthy eating, and can design meal plans to best fit your needs. She lets you know what you need to eat, when, and how much. Her body holds testament to the fact that following these nutritional programs can bring about great success.

JulieAnn is our first professional in Minnesota. Those of you in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region should take advantage of this tremendous fitness professional. JulieAnn is recognized on a national level as an authority on fitness training and nutrition. She can design programs for you that will help you achieve the results you always wanted.

JulieAnn is not your average personal trainer; she is a Fittron professional. Come view her page and learn more about her. Her accomplishments speak for herself.

One response to “Fittron Featured Professional- JulieAnn Kulla

  1. how do i enter fitness competitions? i don’t know where to start. please help!! 🙂

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