Why you should find your fitness professional on Fittron.

Find a Fitness Professional

Tired of wasting money on personal trainers who don’t fit? Would you like to review certifications and specializations before you commit to a $70 training session? Interested in looking at the credentials of a nutritionist, massage therapist or other qualified health professional? How about locating a golf or boxing coach in your area? Now you can.

Search our directory of fitness experts and find the right one for you. It’s easy: just enter your zip code and the fitness specialization you wish to pursue. Whether it’s weightlifting, plyometrics, adventure training, or yoga, Fittron will match your selections with fitness professionals who cater to your needs. You can peruse a list of professionals within a close proximity to your location as well as review their rates, availabilities, and references. If you see someone you like — contact them. There’s no fee.

Post an Ad

Do you want fitness professionals to contact you? Why not have health experts bid on you and outline a fitness program best-suited to your interests? Post an ad in our solicitation forum detailing your fitness goals and needs. Simply list your availability, the rates you are willing to pay, and the type of instruction you are seeking. Let trainers and fitness professionals contact you, and convince you how they can help you reach your fitness goals. There’s no fee.



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