Fittron Featured Professional- Carla Salotti


Those of you in Western Massachusetts looking for an expert fitness professional should check out Carla Salotti. Making her home in Springfield, Carla is a full time social worker, personal trainer, and nation fitness competitor. Working to better the lives of families at her job as a social worker, Carla also works to better the health of her clients as an outstanding personal trainer.

An educated woman, Carla holds a bachelors degree from the University of New Hampshire. Interested in fitness from a young age, Carla excelled in cheerleading and dance while growing up. After watching her boyfriend compete and place in several bodybuilding competitions, Carla began to develop an interest for the sport and soon began training full time for competitions. After some serious preparation Carla won the 2001 Team Universe competition, an accomplishment that most could only dream of. In 2004 she competed in, and won, the Master’s National competition. Entering an elite group of body builders and fitness competitors she joined the national ranks and now has her IFBB pro card. Carla is clearly a fitness superstar; someone who you won’t find at your local gym.

Carla’s exuberance for fitness radiates when you speak with her. Someone who actually enjoys the sweat and work that it takes to achieve her lofty position in the Fitness world, Carla is ready to help you achieve your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Working out of a facility in Springfield, MA, Carla is available for personal training as well as online support. Carla also specializes in preparing women competitors for stage competitions. With the accomplishments and awards to back her up, Carla can prepare you to not only compete in, but win, your next competition.You could search your entire life for a professional like Carla and never find someone of her caliber..

Fitness professionals like Carla won’t be found on Craigs List, you can’t find them at your local gym, but you can find her on Fittron. Carla is one of the many extraordinarily talented professionals that populate Fittron. Come visit our site and contact Carla. A professional of incredible talent is waiting to help you achieve your goals.

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