Fittron Featured Professional- Danyell Johnson

Danyell Johnson

Danyell, or Danny, as she is affectionately known by those who know her well, is an emerging fitness competitor and fitness industry star. Residing in Las Vegas, NV, Danny offers her fitness skills and knowledge as a personal trainer and gymnastics coach to the surrounding Vegas community.

Danny has shown an affinity for healthy living and exercise since she was young, and was a competitive gymnast while growing up. Her love and talent in gymnastics took her far, and she was performing as an aerial gymnast in Las Vegas and California. She also performed at Sea World, San Diego.

Clearly residing among the most qualified gymnasts in the country, Danny’s impressive resume demonstrates her commitment and knowledge of the sport. I dare any one to find a gymnast who has her range of experience and accomplishments. You won’t find someone like her at your local gym, but you can find Danny on Fittron. Rarely will you find a professional of her caliber.

In addition to her gymnastic credentials Danny is now a certified personal trainer, working to help others achieve their fitness goals. Her gymnastic background makes her an ideal professional to assist with toning, flexibility, and endurance training. Her rates her reasonable, her disposition encouraging and supportive, and her credentials are impeccable.

Still harnessing that competitive zeal that helped become such an accomplished athlete, Danny is now competing in figure competitions throughout the country. In her first national show she placed among in the top 10 of over 200 female competitors. That is some accomplishment. She has her eyes set on her pro card, and there is no doubt that she will soon obtain it.font>

Danny is another example of the type of fitness professional that you will find on Fittron. We don’t promote out of shape professionals more interested in cashing a paycheck then helping you accomplish your fitness goals. We promote professionals like Danny; leaders in their field who list on our site because they are passionate about what they do.

Las Vegas should take advantage of this fitness star in their midst. Come to and contact Danny today. We promise you won’t regret it.

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