Fittron Featured Professional- Susan Groshek

Susan Groshek

Born in Michigan, Susan Groshek has been drawn to a healthy lifestyle since she was a girl. She displayed an early talent for gymnastics and dance and pursued both of these sports throughout her youth. An accomplished athlete and focused competitor, Susan also ran track to round out her busy athletic portfolio while in High School.

Although gymnastics was taking up much of her time, Susan was intrigued by a friend who mentioned that she had recently competed in a figure competition. Realizing that she had the body type and passion to succeed in a show, she turned her sights to competing at a national level. Training hard and focused on improving herself for her first show, Susan took first in the “fitness” section, and second in the “figure” group; and this was her first competition!

From 2002-2005 Susan competed in, and won, numerous NPC figure shows throughout the country. Her strong performances have given notice to the fitness world that Susan is an up and coming fitness competitor who deserves attention. She won her pro card and is now an IFBB pro fitness competitor; an accomplishment that few in her sport ever obtain.

Susan has recently moved out of Michigan and now resides in Dallas, TX where she is a full time personal trainer. Transitioning from working as a part time trainer, Susan has space in a fitness facility where she is taking new clients. Those in the Dallas area looking for the expertise and guidance of an accomplished professional should contact Susan. Her rates are reasonable, her facility is well equipped, and her resume is impressive. She practices what she preaches and can help you attain a level of fitness that you never thought possible. Her gymnastics background makes her the ideal fit for young people and women looking to improve flexibility, toning, and strength.

Susan is not your average personal trainer who sits at your gym and reads a magazine. She is an accomplished professional athlete who has opened a new personal training service to help others achieve her level of health and fitness. Hurry before she gets booked up; a professional of her caliber won’t have openings for very long.

The Dallas area has a gem in Susan Groshek. Fittron doesn’t take ordinary professionals who are more interested in collecting a pay check then helping you get healthy; and Susan is one of our best. Come see for yourself.

You can find all her contact information on her Fittron profile page. Just tell her you found her on Fittron.

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