Fittron Featured Professional- Sidney Wilson

Sidney Wilson

Working out of the busiest and most competitive city in America, Sidney Wilson has established himself as the premier trainer in Manhattan. An accomplished athlete, model, and actor, Sidney has made his mark on the fitness landscape of New York.

Sidney specializes in a diverse range of fitness genres, including personal training, mixed martial arts, boxing, basketball, abs and butt training. Working out of Equinox Fitness clubs Sidney is also available to come to your apartment or house to train. Adhering to a strict and rigid exercise program himself, Sidney’s impressive physical appearance and personality has landed him on the television shows Law and Order and CSI. He has appeared in coutnless commercials and was featured on NBC and CBS for changing an upcoming musics artist. He is also a model appearing in numerous GUESS and RocaWear ads. Clearly the entertainment industry recognizes his strengths; and you should too.

In high demand in the city, Sidney has time for people who are looking to make a serious commitment to fitness. Emphasizing proper nutrition as well as hard work in the gym, Sidney will design a wellness program that will transform your body. A personable and garrulous man himself, he will be there to support and push you on your journey.

Sidney is not your typical personal trainer. He is so much more. An actor, model, mixed martial arts instructor, personal trainer, and all around fitness star. You won’t find a professional like Sidney at your local gym, or advertising himself on Craigs List. You’ll find him on Fittron.

Sidney is here. Come contact him and get that body you’ve always wanted. Check his references on our site and see all the satisfied clients who speak glowingly of the work he does.

Just let Sidney know that you found him on Fittron.

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