Fittron Featured Professional- Vanessa Van Overmeer

Vanessa Van Overmeer

Working out of one of the “fittest” cities in America, Vanessa Van Overmeer stands apart from the legions of fitness professional that populate one of our country’s most beautiful places: San Diego, California.

Vanessa has always valued a healthy lifestyle and feels her best when she is exercising regularly and eating healthy. A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Vanessa posses the skills to not only help you with your work outs, but to write you a comprehensive and results proven nutritional program.

She currently runs several “boot camp” fitness events throughout the San Diego area. With a committed following of people eager to gain from her expertise in fitness, these camps are widely popular throughout Southern California.

A serious athlete herself, Vanessa competes in numerous NPC and fitness competitions throughout the country. After placing extremely well at shows throughout Southern California, Vanessa is focused on competing on a more national scale and winning events nationwide.

Vanessa is also a featured model who has been published in several magazines and published works. Her fit figure and happy disposition make her a very marketable fitness model.

Vanessa is an educated woman, holding a degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University. Her knowledge obtained in school has helped her to create cutting edge fitness programs that help hundreds of people obtain a level of healthy living.

Vanessa is not your ordinary fitness professional who sits at a gym and collects a paycheck. She is passionate about what she does and works hard everyday to improve herself and her clients.

You probably won’t find her at your local gym. But you’ll find her on Fittron. She can come to your home or set up a nutritional and training program for you on line.

Vanessa is another example of the type of qualified professional you’ll find on Fittron. Come look at her profile and contact her. You’ve got nothing to lose but the weight.

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