I Want to Work with a Fitness Professional Who’s Not in My Area

If you’re a regular visitor to our site you’ve come to realize that we have a bevy of qualified fitness professionals in a number of different states. Maybe you clicked on Jean Jitomir’s profile and saw that she was a Cornell undergrad now studying for her PHD in nutrition at Baylor. You probably said “Wow. Now there’s a qualified professional that I could work with.” But maybe you’re in New Jersey and don’t think you’ll be moving to Waco, Texas anytime soon. That’s ok. Contact Jean anyway. We live in a world without barriers and the internet has, as Thomas Friedman so affectionately put it, made our world “flat.”

With the advent of the internet no one is that far away. Jean can write a nutritional program for you and send it to you each day via email. Additionally, many of our professionals are available for phone consultations and email and online services. Online training is become quite popular and many people are finding they can easily obtain the help of qualified professionals who are not in their immediate area.

All of our professionals have a “contact” tab in their profiles. This displays either their phone number or email. Since it doesn’t cost you anything to contact one of our professionals, why not write them an email and explain your situation. Inform the professional that you are not located near them, but wanted to inquire to see if they had any services that they could offer remotely. You might be presently surprised at the response that you receive.

You won’t find a more qualified nutritionist and health coach then Jean Jitomir. Jean is an Ivy League graduate, registered dietician, and PHD student who practices what she preaches. Competing in, and winning, numerous fitness figure shows throughout the nation, Jean’s resume is truly spectacular.

Jean Jitomir

Maybe you don’t live in Texas. But you’ve got a computer because you found Jean on Fittron, so why not contact her and see if she can set something up. What do you have to lose? It doesn’t cost you anything to search our directory and contact someone. And while you’re at it, browse our other professionals and see if they can offer similar “remote” services. I’m sure you’ll find that they will.



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