Fittron Featured Professional- Danielle Hollenshade

Danielle Hollenshade

Growing up with a mother who stressed healthy eating and an active lifestyle, Danielle was drawn to fitness at a young age. Realizing the benefits, as well as confidence and enjoyment that come from a healthy body, Danielle gravitated towards all things fitness from a young age.

In 2002 she decided to take her passion to the next level and entered an NPC fitness show in Maryland where she took 2nd. Realizing that fitness competing was something that she enjoyed, and something she was very good at, Danielle continued along this path.

In 2005 she won her IFBB professional certification by winning the overall fitness title at the Figure Nationals. She is now focused on competing in the Miss Olympia contest and we have no doubt that she will achieve her goal.

She is a personal trainer in the Miami area and in high demand. Her time is limited so she also offers phone and online consultation for those who might not be located near her but still want to work with a professional of her caliber.

Danielle is not your everyday out of shape personal trainer, sitting around and waiting for the gym to give her a client. Danielle is a physical marvel, a competition winner, and a devoted fitness professional.

She lists her services on Fittron because she is passionate about what she does, and wants to help you get healthy.

You won’t find Danielle sitting at your local gym reading a magazine and sporting a t-shirt that says “trainer” on the back. You’ll find her helping people achieve their fitness goals, competing at a national level, and maintaining her own healthy lifestyle.

And you’ll find her on Fittron. Danielle is just another example of the type of professional who populates our directory. She is not just a fitness professional, she is a fitness superstar, and she is ready to help you.

Come visit our site and contact Danielle.

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