Fittron Professional Spotlight- Fawnia Dietrich

Fawnia Dietrich comes from a small town in British Columbia. Interested in health and fitness from a young age, she gravitated towards all things active growing up.

Drawn towards the erotic science of Pole Dancing, Fawnia looked for an instructional course to find out how a young woman could learn the art. She quickly discovered that there was nothing out there; no certification class, no instructional videos, and certainly no fitness genre focused on Pole Dancing. Realizing the physical benefits of Pole Dancing, the numerous calories that could be burned, as well as the sense of confidence and empowerment that a woman can obtain from a Pole Dance, Fawnia decided to make Pole Fitness her career. Summoning a courageous and entrepreneurial drive that serves her to this day, Fawnia created a new fitness category; Pole Fitness.

Fawnia Dietrich

Fawnia opened the world’s first Exotic Dance School and produced its first video: Pole Work, Volume One. Her vision and passion for the genre soon caught on and Pole Fitness remains at the cutting edge of the fitness industry. Growing in popularity by the day, Fawnia is recognized as the pioneer and leader in the new fitness craze sweeping the nation.

Fawnia has appeared on the cover of Las Vegas Life, Muscle Magazine International, Body of Science, Canadian Health & Fitness, and Body Talk. She has been featured in Muscle and Fitness, Flex, American Curves, Planet Muscle, Ironman, Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, Ms Fitness and many others.

She came up with the certification that all Pole Fitness instructors should be required to obtain, “pole dance instructor certified,” and works with women throughout the country in helping them bring Pole Fitness to their locations.

Fawnia is not just a fitness professional, she is a fitness superstar, and you can find her on Her whole bio is there for you to read, as are her rates, her website, pictures, certifications, and everything that you could ever want to know.

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, you should look Fawnia up and stop in her studio for a class. She is also available for private instruction and is able to recommend Pole Fitness professionals near you.

Fawnia is no ordinary fitness professional, and Fittron is no ordinary fitness website. You won’t find professionals like this anywhere else. Come see for yourself.

One response to “Fittron Professional Spotlight- Fawnia Dietrich

  1. Do you have any youtube videos of your workout such as the pole dance exercising sounds fun but would like to see a little demo

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