The Most Qualified Fitness Professionals in the Industry

Walking into a gym, yoga studio, or Pilates studio can be rather intimidating. You can never be sure exactly what you’re getting into and often times are forced to work with the professional that the facility provides for you. While most facilities do a good job of enlisting the services of qualified professionals, you can never be too sure. Additionally, it is a rare occurrence that your local gym has the top professionals in the fitness field. You might get lucky and work with someone you like, but why take that chance? Are you looking for the best in the fitness field? The professional that can help you break through your plateau and realize your fitness goals? Well stop looking. We’ve got those professionals on Fittron.

With Fittron, you can preview before you buy. We’re not affiliated with any gym; we’re not promoting any one fitness genre. We are a fitness directory, of qualified and certified professionals, that you can use at no cost.

Our directory is composed of some of the top professionals in the fitness field. Most of our pros have numerous certifications and publish their own fitness articles and videos. You can find many of our professionals including, Vanessa Van Overmeer, Danielle Hollenshade, Susan Groshek, Stephanie Calhoun, Katharine Payne, Carla Salotti, Jennifer Bishop, Justin Popovics, Fawnia Dietrich, Trina Goosby,Sidney Wilson, Karyn Brantley and Travis Wojick, competing in and winning fitness competitions throughout the country.

Sidney Wilson is an actor on Law and Order. Kristy Wilson is a Cirque Du Soleil gymnast, Jared Koch has a Masters Degree from Columbia University, and Ricky Ray Taylor was an amateur boxer in New York.

The talent that has been assembled in our directory is truly staggering. You’re not finding any part time trainers looking for something to do on the weekends. Our professionals advertise with us because they are passionate about what they do and want to help people. Not content with waiting for their facilities to give them a client, they are on Fittron to reach you.

Come be a part of it. You won’t find talent like this anywhere else on the web.

And make sure you check back with us soon. We’re incorporating numerous changes to the website in the next few months. If you think Fittron is great now, just wait a couple months.

In the meantime, contact one of our professionals and make good on that New Years Resolution.


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