Corporate Wellness Conferences

Fittron has been asked to present at the Unilever Corporate Wellness conference in Englewood Cliffs, NJ on Oct. 25th. Unilever is a conglomerate of many different companies and own, among many others, Slim Fast and Sunsilk brands. We are extremely excited to be given the opportunity to present the merits of our website to the Unilever employees of Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

This is a terrific opportunity to market the site. Unilever sponsors this conference for their employees to showcase the importance of healthy living. Presenters will include various fitness professionals, healthy food and beverage companies, fitness product lines, and other players operating in the health and wellness space. We will have a standard booth and people will walk around the convention to learn about the different products and services being offered.

To prepare for this conference we ordered 6,000 Fittron postcards and contracted out a fantastic designer to create them. He did a great job, and we’re looking forward to distributing them at the convention and beyond. We had previously been handing out flyers, and although they serve their purpose, they are rather cumbersome and big. Post cards are much smaller and catchier. The professional image and prints that we have created are sure to catch some eyes.

We also created a Fittron banner which will be hanging behind our booth. The design is consistent with the postcards and should really standout at the convention. The colors are striking, the picture is captivating, and the text is enticing. I think we’re going to get a lot of visitors.

I had to rush (and pay an insane amount) to get my postcards here for next Thursday. Oh well. You need to spend money to make money and I think the postcards are a terrific marketing tool. The banner is being printed by Staples and should be ready by tomorrow. I also have them printing a complimentary personal training ticket that we have arranged with one of the professionals on Fittron. Fuel Gym is also throwing in some free group classes and a one day free pass. The only “cost” for attending the conference is to bring a basket of goods to be auctioned off. We have decided upon the free passes that I just mentioned, and some nutritional products.

The importance of attending conferences like this cannot be understated. We have the opportunity to market our product to thousandths of interested employees. They clearly fall within our “target audience” as they are attending the convention to discover new products in the health and wellness industry. I am also signed up for two more conventions in the month of November at various corporations throughout New York City. These conventions, much like the one in Englewood Cliffs, are company sponsored, and should be a great opportunity to network. I am also curious to see what other companies and professionals will be attending the show. There might be a great opportunity to network with other fitness professionals who might be interested in promoting their services on the site. We’re definitely looking forward to the conference and it should be a great success. We’ll keep everyone posted on how it turns out.

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